Family business

As the owner of a family business, you are involved in complex conflicting priorities. Networked in-terests and complex structures often render it difficult to make the right decisions and to combine the requirements of the business with the needs of the family.

The areas of business, family and assets are closely interlinked in a family business. Often, private and business assets are not clearly separated – which can lead to conflict and put strain on company succession. We provide support and guidance in helping you to find the solution to this complex task, and also offer access to our established network of experts.


  • Strategy: Support with decision-making
  • Regulating succession: Breakdown of options and consequences
  • Network: Our network of contacts for you
  • Structure: Development of family regulations
  • Family succession: The role of the next generation
  • Financial planning: Pension planning for you and your family
  • Investment management: Analysis and monitoring of the total assets
  • Asset management: Individual investment strategy
  • Holdings: Supplementing and diversifying the total assets

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Your client advisor will guide you and your family through the whole process.
We will provide pragmatic, practical, common-sense advice.

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