Pass on your assets in accordance with your wishes

No one likes to think about their own death, but estate planning should not be put on the shelf. If a person suddenly falls ill or suffers an accident, there may be no time left to take care of matters. With comprehensive pension and estate planning, you can gain an overview and see where action is needed. You also create clarity for your relatives.

In matrimonial property and inheritance matters, the legal provisions leave a great deal of leeway for taking personal wishes into account through individual arrangements. Inaction in this area often leads to adverse results with far-reaching consequences. Timely planning of asset succession will also help you avoid unnecessary tax consequences.

Our inheritance specialists will work with you to draw up a long-term estate plan in which your marital property and inheritance situation is reviewed and the necessary documents are drawn up in a legally binding manner. Matters such as a patient decree and advance care directive are also included. This ensures that important decisions can be made in accordance with your wishes, even in the event of a medical emergency or long-term loss of decision-making capacity.

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We are prepared to act as the executors of your will

The execution of a last will and testament as intended by the deceased is a complex task. As external parties, we act neutrally and strive to achieve a swift and amicable division of the estate. We handle all pending financial, tax and legal matters and relieve the heirs of administrative tasks during the period of mourning, and always endeavour to find solutions that are acceptable to all beneficiaries.

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