Our investment advisory services

If you like to have a say in how you invest your money, we offer you a choice of two mandates that provide varying degrees of support for your decisions. With the portfolio advisory mandate, you can count on our experts to give you carefully selected investment recommendations that align strategically with your portfolio. With the investment advisory mandate, you can draw on the expertise and experience of our experts for decisions on the securities level.

Portfolio advisory mandate

We are at your side, ready to provide advice

Are you interested in the financial markets and market events? Can you take the time to manage your portfolio yourself and would you like to periodically discuss investment decisions with your personal client advisor? Then you have come to the right place with our portfolio advisory mandate.

This type of mandate is suitable for investors who have a flair for finance, markets and investment opportunities and who want to make their own investment decisions, but who also require advisory support and periodic portfolio reviews with reference to the agreed investment strategy. Your client advisor will support you with general market assessments, tailored investment proposals and periodic reporting, taking into account your overall financial situation and within the framework of your risk profile and jointly agreed investment strategy.

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Investment advisory mandate

You can count on our support

You are used to defining your own investment strategy and making investment decisions on your own. You know the risks of your investment strategy and of financial instruments and make decisions about the composition of your portfolio without our support. We are happy to advise you if desired.

The investment advisory mandate is suitable for investors who have the necessary knowledge and experience to make tactical and strategic decisions themselves. Your client advisor will be happy to assist you in assessing individual options on the securities level. No reference is made to your portfolio when doing so. We are of course also your expert contact if you would like a second opinion on current events in the financial markets or want to discuss the selection of a specific financial instrument.

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