Are there any other topics for which you need
sound advice?

Comprehensive planning for your financial future also includes topics that are not primarily related to classic investment assets. These are often personal concerns, which are just as important. We will advise you on all financial aspects and also consult external experts if necessary. This means that you can count on us for support covering all aspects relating to your assets.

Art advisory services
As an art lover and collector, you know that art can be more than a passion. The artworks you own may well account for a considerable part of your total assets. You can count on our support to ensure that these assets are also managed expertly from a financial perspective.

We will advise you on tax and insurance issues and also assist you with estate planning for your works of art. If you would like to build up your own collection or acquire a valuable object, we will be happy to put you in touch with the right contact person from our network for a neutral expert opinion.


Advice for family businesses
Interconnected interests and complex structures make it difficult for owners of a family business to make the right decisions and reconcile the requirements of their business with the needs of their family.

In family businesses, the three areas of business, family and assets are closely interrelated. In most cases, private and business assets are not clearly separated, which can lead to conflicts and also complicate business succession. We will help you resolve this complex challenge and also put at your disposal our network of experts built up over many years.


Philanthropy advisory services
Are you looking for an exciting charitable project to support with a substantial financial donation or a legacy? Are you considering the idea of setting up your own foundation or establishing a fund? Or would you like to make your expertise available to a charitable foundation?

Through our relationships with charitable organisations, we have been able to build up a large network over the years. In dialogue with various foundations, we are presented with numerous inspiring projects. Our advisors will help you find that special project that deserves your support. And if you wish to set up your own foundation or fund, we will support you throughout the entire process.

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