Asset management for foundations

You can have confidence that the foundation’s assets will be managed professionally in line with your specifications while you primarily devote your time to your foundation’s projects. Investment guidelines geared to your needs provide us with the framework for all asset management decisions. We will report to you regularly on the performance of the assets and will be happy to take time to answer your questions.

Your specific investment guidelines can be implemented with one of our existing investment strategies or with a strategy tailored to your needs. We prefer direct investments and only choose collective investments when diversification is desired in a region or topic.

We manage your assets holistically

Asset management basic mandate

With the asset management basic mandate, you can benefit fully from our experience, breadth of expertise and comprehensive support. We will work with you to define your goals – taking into account your financial circumstances, risk tolerance and financial experience and knowledge. You will then benefit from the rapid execution of investment decisions made by our experts and the systematic monitoring of your portfolio. With periodic reporting that includes a review and outlook, we ensure that you are always informed about the performance of your assets. Being aware that your needs, expectations and goals may change, you can regularly review and adjust your investment strategy with your personal client advisor.

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Asset management special mandates

Switzerland active equity mandate
Switzerland is considered one of the most innovative countries in the world. Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Switzerland are among the global market leaders in their sector. With this mandate, you benefit greatly from the excellent market position of these companies.


Equity mandate with dividend focus
In the current negative interest rate environment, this mandate offers the opportunity to generate regular income from dividends. The focus of the investments is on Swiss companies that pay high dividends, which can be covered by the free cash flow generated.


Sustainability mandate
Would you like to have your assets managed according to stricter environmental and social standards? Is it important to you that companies are well-managed? Then the sustainability mandate is right for you. With this option, you can define special requirements with regard to exclusion criteria or the environmental footprint.


Fund mandate
With this option, the individual securities risk is removed through the exclusive investment in low-cost, passive index funds, supplemented with high-quality, active collective investments. As we do not offer our own fund or product solutions, we can provide you with the best solution on an independent and transparent basis. The fund mandate is also particularly suitable for smaller portfolios.


Hedging mandate (DynVar)
With this option, the allocation of investments is calculated using a quantitative model that limits the risk of loss. This risk management approach allows you to benefit from significantly lower fluctuations in your assets without reducing your earnings opportunities.

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