Media Release

Change in the partnership.

André M. Bodmer does not return to his active role as partner and client advisor after an accident, but remains financially involved in Rahn+Bodmer Co.

Asset management

Are you seeking a holistic advisory service with a long-term perspective?

You don’t always have time to keep track of developments on the financial markets? Simply delegate the management of your assets to our experts. We offer you comprehensive, professional and personal support. We will manage your portfolio independently and efficiently. Your client advisor will keep you clearly informed about the performance of your assets …

Pension and financial planning

Do you want to feel relaxed about your future?

No matter what phase of life you are in, your future begins today. That is why it makes sense to place the management of your assets in trustworthy hands and also optimise your pension planning. And because not everything in life turns out as expected, it is advisable to address the most important issues for your relatives through comprehensive estate planning …

External asset managers

Are you aiming for long-term success?

As an established or aspiring asset manager, you can count on a long-term partnership with Rahn+Bodmer Co. That way, you can stay active where you make the most difference: in your relationship with your clients. Thanks to our long-term, independent business activities as private bankers, we guarantee you a high level of security …