Our advisors assist clients in different domains, and in some cases over the course of decades. For specific questions, you can rely on the vast experience and knowledge of our experts in their respective fields. Where highly complex or international issues are concerned, we work together with external specialists.

Our advisors for private clients

Urs Angst holds an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Business Administration and is a certified expert in finance and investment. He brings a wealth of experience to the services he provides to his national and international clientele. In his free time, he is a keen steward of woodland and vineyards, and serves as an ambassador for people with transplantations.

Urs Angst

+41 44 639 12 52

Christian R. Bidermann joined Rahn+Bodmer Co. in 1997 and replaced his father as partner in 2001. The economist with a degree from the University of Zurich acquired the necessary expertise by working with brokers in New York, among other places. In his free time, he enjoys sailing, and not only on Lake Zurich.

Christian R. Bidermann

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance (ZHAW), Jay Bidermann gained experience working at large banks and a boutique asset management firm. He also held positions in Bangkok and Hong Kong before joining Rahn+Bodmer Co. as a portfolio manager in 2016. He works as a client advisor and became the youngest partner at Switzerland’s oldest private bank in January 2023.

Jay Bidermann

+41 44 639 13 88

Martin H. Bidermann gained extensive experience as a securities trader in North America and the Far East. He joined Rahn+Bodmer Co. in 1986, becoming the third-generation representative of his family to do so. Martin is a mountaineering enthusiast and volunteers for the non-profit organisation Right To Play.

Martin H. Bidermann

René H. Bodmer has a highly varied background. He holds a Master of Law from the University of Zurich and a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School. After working for several years for the ICRC, the UN and various banks, he has been passionately engaged in client advisory services at Rahn+Bodmer Co. for over 25 years.

René H. Bodmer

+41 44 639 12 29

Selina Bögli completed a commercial apprenticeship with us before going on to become a client advisor for multiple years and later joining the Tax & Estate Planning department. She has a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in commercial law from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and is now studying law at the University of Basel.

Selina Bögli

+41 44 639 12 74

Tiziano Foiera holds a Law degree from the University of Zurich and a Master of Advanced Studies in Financial Consulting from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Since 2017, we have benefited from his experience as a tax commissioner and as a consultant at an auditing firm. He advises private clients on all matters relating to tax and inheritance law as well as the acquisition and sale of real estate.

Tiziano Foiera

+41 44 639 14 60

Marianne Gasser knows where the music is playing – both as a passionate concert and festival goer and in questions relating to taxes. She has built her knowledge from the ground up and has been managing the tax mandates of private clients – now including those of their adult children – with great dedication for over 25 years.

Marianne Gasser

Michaela Glatz completed a banking apprenticeship at a major Swiss bank before working for several years as a client advisor. A certified financial advisor and federally certified financial planner, Michaela has been with us as a client advisor since April 2023. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and children.

Michaela Glatz

+41 44 639 12 84

Do you know what padel is? Pascal Hartmann, a qualified business economist (University of Applied Sciences) and federally certified finance and investment expert, is not only a specialist in financial matters, but also in this team sport. The family man has worked for us as a client advisor since 2003, having previously been employed at an international private bank for seven years.

Pascal Hartmann

As a Certified Wealth Management Advisor and certified banker, Stephan Hintermann boasts a broad range of knowledge. The nature-loving family man and badminton player knows how to bring his valuable experience as a former stock and bond trader to bear in advising clients at Rahn+Bodmer Co.

Stephan Hintermann

Markus Hürzeler has a master’s degree in Banking and Finance from HSLU and a Master of Advanced Studies in Financial Consulting from ZHAW. Clients are not the only ones who benefit from his expertise – as a lecturer in Financial Planning, he also enjoys sharing his knowledge with his students. In his leisure time, the family man is also a passionate endurance athlete.

Markus Hürzeler

Patricia Isner is open-minded, curious and communicative – the ideal candidate for a career in consulting. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, is a federally certified financial analyst, and has 30 years of professional experience at major and private banks. But that’s not all: as a mother, she also advises her two daughters on their path in life.

Patricia Isner

+41 44 639 12 75

Moritz Kellenberger’s experience at Rahn+Bodmer Co. dates back to his days as a student trainee. After gaining his Master of Law from the University of Zurich, he left the company to work as a tax commissioner for the cantonal tax office for three years. His areas of expertise are tax, inheritance law and executorship.

Moritz Kellenberger

Martin Klaas, banker with an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education, worked for several years as an investment advisor and team leader at major Swiss banks. He has been with us as a client advisor since 2020. In his free time, he is active as a networker in a business association in Zurich and relaxes during golfing, hiking and skiing.

Martin Klaas

+41 44 639 12 67

Ramon Lohri began his professional career at ZKB. He then joined a major bank, where he was able to gain extensive experience as an advisor. He has been advising our clients since 2008. Ramon holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Private Banking & Wealth Management from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Ramon Lohri

+41 44 639 12 66

Karl Mettler began his professional career at a major bank, where he gained extensive experience in private banking working in various functions over a period of 12 years. In 2008, he moved to a private bank as a client advisor for Switzerland and Germany. Since 2021, the financial planner with a Swiss Federal Diploma of Higher Education has been working for Rahn+Bodmer Co.

Karl Mettler

+41 44 639 12 64

Pascale Nüesch acquired in-depth knowledge and experience in servicing discerning private clients during 10 years at a major bank and 13 years at a private bank. She joined us as a private client advisor in 2021. In her spare time, the former handball player is active on the executive committee of the Horgen Handball Club.

Pascale Nüesch

Lawyer Nicole Nussbaumer knows her way around complicated numbers and paragraphs. The Head of our Tax & Estate Planning department has been advising clients on matrimonial, inheritance and tax law for over 15 years. Before joining us, she worked for a large commercial law firm in Zurich.

Nicole Nussbaumer

Rolf Oppliger is a father of four, an endurance athlete and a nature lover. As a trained agronomist (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and a federally certified finance and investment expert, he is particularly interested in sustainable investing. His clientele therefore specifically includes sustainably oriented families, private clients and charitable foundations.

Rolf Oppliger

+41 44 639 12 60

Markus Peyer is a veteran of Rahn+Bodmer Co., having dedicated his skills to the service of our Bank for almost four decades. The federally certified finance and investment expert and banking expert loves fine food and good wine, and serves as a part-time treasurer for the Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft des Kantons Zürich (Charitable Society of the Canton of Zurich).

Markus Peyer

+41 44 639 12 46

Carlo Piaget completed a banking apprenticeship and then gained experience in financial analysis, investment funds and asset management. After working in Geneva and London and completing a management training course (IMAKA), he joined Rahn+Bodmer Co. in 1997. He advises Swiss and international private clients.

Carlo Piaget

+41 44 639 12 51

Lou Praetor completed his commercial apprenticeship with a Federal Vocational Baccalaureate here at Rahn+Bodmer Co. before gaining his first experience in advising private clients. After spending time abroad in Central and South America, he has returned to us as a client advisor. In his free time, he enjoys sport like jogging or tennis.

Lou H. Praetor

+41 44 639 13 73

Dr Christian Rahn got his first glimpse into the job of a banker through his father. The Doctor of Law, lawyer and LL.M. gained professional experience at various financial institutes abroad and joined the company four years after his brother Peter. In his free time, he is a keen mountaineer.

Dr. Christian Rahn

+41 44 639 11 11

Peter R. Rahn joined the company in 1984. Prior to this, as well as obtaining an MBA, he gained experience in the securities business at a number of financial institutes in Switzerland and overseas. He represented Switzerland as a rower in the coxed fours at the Olympic Games in Moscow.

Peter R. Rahn

+41 44 639 11 11

Ronny Reichlin has many years of experience in asset management. He acts as a dedicated advisor to affluent private clients and foundations and also serves as a member of the board of trustees of a charitable foundation run by the University Hospital Zurich. Ronny Reichlin is a federally certified financial and investment expert, banker and financial planner with a federal certificate.

Ronny Reichlin

+41 44 639 12 30

Nora Schöllkopf is a lawyer and works for us as a specialist in tax and estate planning. She previously worked for a Swiss financial services provider as well as various Zurich law firms and at the Winterthur District Court – particularly in the areas of family, inheritance and corporate law.

Nora Schöllkopf

Lukas Seeschaaf started his career with a commercial apprenticeship here at Rahn+Bodmer Co. Afterwards, he worked on the external asset managers team before switching to private client consulting. Alongside his work, he studies at ZHAW for his Master of Science in Business Economics. His free time is devoted to sports – both as a water and winter sports enthusiast and as a football fan.

Lukas Seeschaaf

Andreas Steiger, a business economist and graduate of the Executive Program of the Swiss Banking School, worked for several years at banks in Zurich and in Latin America. Since 2007, he has been employed as a client advisor for Rahn+Bodmer Co. He devotes his free time to his family and to producing his own sparkling wine.

Andreas Steiger

Mario Stutz enjoys passing on his knowledge – be it to our private clients in comprehensive financial planning or in the training of J+S leaders in skiing. Before joining us, he studied Management at the University of Lausanne and worked for over 10 years in asset management at the two major Swiss banks.

Mario Stutz

+41 44 639 12 41

Valerie Vögeli completed a banking apprenticeship at a major bank and then worked for several years as an assistant in private banking. She continued her education to qualify as a business economist (University of Applied Sciences) with a focus on banking and finance, and has been working for us as a client advisor since 2013. In her free time, she loves athletic pursuits.

Valerie Vögeli

Thomas Weckemann, who joined us in 2022, learned his trade at various private and major banks, completed two financial analyst programmes in the USA, and gained an Executive MBA from the University of Zurich. He is a nature lover, sports enthusiast and father of two, and is interested in people, issues associated with age, and digitalisation.

Thomas Weckemann

Sandra Wydler is a business lawyer and holds a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Financial Planning. Since 2017, she has worked in the Tax & Estate Planning department, where she advises private clients on tax law and financial and retirement planning. Before joining us, she was a tax commissioner for the Canton of Zurich.

Sandra Wydler

+41 44 639 14 62

Our advisors for foundation clients

Eric Steinhauser, Chairman of the Executive Board, has a degree in Business Economics (Higher School for Economics and Administration), is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and holds an MBA. He is responsible for the Bank’s investment process, managing asset management mandates and executing trading orders. Skiing tours, golfing and cycling help him to recharge his batteries for his job.

Eric Steinhauser

Daniel Ambrogini possesses extensive theoretical knowledge as holder of an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Business Administration and as a Certified International Investment Analyst. He also has more than 20 years of hands-on experience, first at ZKB, then at Credit Suisse in Zurich and New York. He has been sharing his expertise with us as Senior Portfolio Manager since 2007.

Daniel Ambrogini

Nina Kucera obtained her Bachelor of Science degree at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration (HWZ). She worked for several years at a major Swiss bank as a securities and tax expert and team leader. She joined Rahn+Bodmer Co. in 2018, first as a tax specialist and since 2019 as a member of the Financial Services staff.

Nina Kucera

+41 44 639 13 83

Thorsten Küchler is a specialist for fixed income mandates and quantitative models in portfolio management. The graduate in Economics and Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA) is happy to pass on the expertise he has acquired as a portfolio manager and analyst – whether in his advisory work for clients or as the author of our investor newsletter Navigator.

Thorsten Küchler

Nicolai Nussbaumer completed a two-year training programme at a major bank, then worked as a private banking assistant and subsequently managed portfolios of non-discretionary clients. The qualified business economist (University of Applied Sciences) joined Rahn+Bodmer Co. in 2004. He has been Head of Portfolio Management since 2010 and acts as deputy to the divisional head.

Nicolai Nussbaumer

Our advisors for external asset managers

After completing his degree in Commerce, Mike Immer worked for five years in various departments of a major Swiss bank. He then moved to the trading department of a Zurich private bank for 12 years. He was subsequently employed there in the external asset management department. Since 2006, he has headed this department at Rahn+Bodmer Co.

Mike Immer

+41 44 639 12 95

Pascal Baumann was born and raised in Bern, but thanks to his cultural flexibility, he has integrated very well in Zurich. He has been active in banking since 1995 and has always served clients from the Benelux countries in particular. His linguistic abilities come in handy in this context, as he speaks fluent Dutch.

Pascal Baumann

+41 44 639 12 98

After completing a banking apprenticeship, Jessica Looser earned her spurs at various private banks before joining us in 2021. In summer 2023, she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Economics and Politics at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). Between her training, work and studies, she took a well-earned break for a year-long trip around the world.

Jessica Looser

+41 44 639 13 03

Carmen Oswald places great value on working closely with clients in a way that is characterised by empathy and a willingness to serve. As a trainer, she also passes on these values and her enthusiasm for advisory services to our trainees. Carmen holds an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Business Administration and is a Certified Wealth Management Advisor.

Carmen Oswald

+41 44 639 12 97

Adrian Pult is a financial planner with a Federal Diploma of Higher Education, graduate of the Swiss Banking School, and holder of a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Banking. The family man understands how to get things rolling: formerly for a major bank in Zurich and New York, since 2012 with us, and in his spare time on a racing bike or motorbike.

Adrian Pult

+41 44 639 13 02