Rahn+Bodmer Co. owes it special status to the strategic and operational collaboration of the Bank’s five partners. As traditional private bankers in the original sense of the term, they are fully responsible for the liabilities of Rahn+Bodmer Co. with their own private assets. A conscientious approach to risks is thus a top priority.

The five partners represent the third and fourth generations of their families. They are present every day and actively shape the corporate culture. As entrepreneurs, not managers, they have the same interests as clients: stability and security. For the company, which has been family-owned for generations, succession planning is one of the most important strategic tasks. The successful continuation of this tradition requires early planning and is almost a lifetime undertaking. With Jay Bidermann, son of Martin H. Bidermann, a new era begins for us. The youngest partner of Rahn+Bodmer Co. is the first representative of a new generation that will carry our values into the future. He describes his vision for the future as follows: “I want to hand Rahn+Bodmer Co. down to my children in an even better condition than it is in now.”


Peter R. Rahn

Peter R. Rahn joined the company in 1984. Prior to this, he obtained an MBA and also acquired in-depth knowledge of the securities business at a number of different financial institutes. He represented Switzerland as a rower in the coxed fours at the Olympic Games in Moscow.


Martin H. Bidermann

The third generation of the long-established Winterthur family joined the ranks of partners in 1990 with Martin H. Bidermann. After obtaining a degree in Commerce, Martin H. Bidermann gained extensive experience as a securities trader. He sits on the board of trustees of the non-profit organisation Right To Play as an honorary member and enjoys hiking in the mountains and skiing in his free time.


Dr. Christian Rahn

Like his brother Peter, Christian Rahn got his first glimpse into the job of a private banker through his father. The Doctor of Law and lawyer joined the Bank in 1988. He sits on the board of trustees at several non-profit institutions, is a member of the Patronage Committee of the Neuroscience Center Zurich and also a passionate mountaineer.


Christian R. Bidermann

Christian R. Bidermann joined Rahn+Bodmer Co. in 1997. The economist with a degree from the University of Zurich took over as partner from his father, who was the last member of the previous generation, in 2001. He has served on the board of the Swiss Private Bankers Association since 2009. Sailing, and not just on Lake Zurich, is one of his favourite hobbies.


Jay Bidermann

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Jay Bidermann worked at various financial institutions in Switzerland and Asia before joining Rahn+Bodmer Co. as a portfolio manager in 2016. A dedicated client advisor, our youngest partner enjoys spending his leisure time on his surfboard and snowboard.