Our advisory philosophy

Every client relationship is personal, poses different challenges and requires individual solutions. With us, you can count on advice that draws on all of our knowledge, experience and strong dedication to help you manage your assets and handle all of your financial affairs as easily as possible.

Our goal is
to make your life

We have assisted clients in managing their assets for more than 270 years. As the oldest private bank in Switzerland, we are guided by values that are not exposed to the vagaries of passing fashions, but that retain their force far beyond the specific quarterly or annual accounts. Handling money responsibly is a matter of course for Rahn+Bodmer Co. We focus not only on growing the assets entrusted to us but also on maintaining their value over the long-term. For us as private bankers who are liable for the Bank’s financial stability with their own private assets, this long-term approach constitutes the basis for our thinking and our actions. We act with caution and with an eye on the future.

Rahn+Bodmer Co. does not distribute its own funds or products. This means that we do not charge you any hidden fees and do not receive any income from third-party organisations, so you can expect to receive independent, client-focused advice that is tailored to your needs. To ensure your investments are successful, we never leave anything to chance in our work; rather, we aim to offer a service that, based on realistic analysis, bears fruit over the long-term.

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