To us, the concepts of trust, stability, integrity and reliability are anything but obsolete. In a fast-moving world, it is all the more important to uphold and embrace these values. For Rahn+Bodmer Co., they are the key to success today and in the future, and the guiding principle for a performance-oriented and trustworthy approach to money.

Rahn+Bodmer Co. offers all of the services that fall under the category of private banking, i.e. integral asset management, tax advice, pension and estate planning, and investment advice. Upon closer inspection, however, our approach differs substantially from other private banking providers. The company is guided by the partners present within the Bank, who are fully liable for the financial stability of the establishment with their own private assets. This personal connection and the awareness of the long-standing familial and entrepreneurial tradition rooted deeply within our company form the basis of our approach and actions.

The world of finance
is turning faster and faster.
But our approach as private bankers
is timeless.

We attach great importance to continuity both in terms of our business policy and the management of the company. This helps us stay true to our values cultivated across the generations and to benefit from the past experiences that characterise our company DNA.
Values such as loyalty and trust are of utmost importance in our relationships with clients. We put their needs first. We are not motivated by the next quarterly report. Our focus is on the long-term outlook – and that is in both our and our clients’ best interests. We uphold this corporate culture both outwardly and inwardly; it is through this culture that our employees are able to identify with and feel loyal to the company.

We think and act
with the future in mind.
For a family business
that goes
without saying.

We are guided not only by typical Swiss values like competence, reliability and quality, but also by independence, which is of paramount importance to us. As we do not offer any investment products of our own, we advise our clients without conflicts of interest. Across our comprehensive range of services our focus is on consistently protecting our clients’ interests. Our company’s success is based on our liberal approach and actions in all economic and social issues and our uncompromising respect for private property, guided by modesty and discretion. We operate on a sound basis and always keep the bigger picture in mind.

A responsible approach
to money is a
matter of course for us.
We think in generations.

Thanks to its political and economic stability, our location at the heart of the powerful Swiss financial metropolis offers an abundance of opportunities. We feel connected to Zurich, and since our founding in 1750, we have had the honour of providing our services to countless families, not just in Zurich, but in neighbouring cantons as well. And often across a number of generations.

What makes us unique?

Our strategic and operational independence is non-negotiable.
We do not create any products of our own and do not receive any retrocessions.

Short decision-making paths
We are efficiently organised, and all owners and
employees work under one roof.

Common interests
We act on behalf of our clients just as we do
for ourselves: with fact-based analysis and strong commitment.

Long-term orientation
We think in generations, not quarters.
And we stay true to our values as bankers.

Rahn+Bodmer Co. has been family-owned for generations.
Our employees are also committed to our company
over the long term with an average employment length of 15 years.