Our investment philosophy

The investment philosophy of Rahn+Bodmer Co. is based on our entrepreneurial mindset and our core corporate values, which include trust, stability and reliability. These values are reflected in our investment principles and form the basis for sustainable investment success. Our aim is to safeguard the value of your assets and grow them over the long term.

Success is
not a matter of luck.
We rely on
experience and sober

Due diligence and responsible action are at the heart of everything we do. This means that we have to keep learning, adapting and improving. Thanks to the steady increase in data transparency and fresh insights in the assessment of companies, we continue to integrate new criteria into our investment philosophy.

A long-term shift towards greater sustainability is now occurring in society and business. Soft factors such as environmental friendliness, social responsibility and corporate governance principles (ESG criteria) are gaining the attention of investors and analysts. Rahn+Bodmer Co. has been integrating such aspects into the selection of investments for many years. We have introduced a specially developed model for calculating sustainability criteria as an integral part of the decision-making process. This enables us to measure, present and, if desired, manage various sustainability aspects as well as the ecological footprint of your portfolio.

Independence is another key element of our investment philosophy. Because we do not create our own funds or products, we have no sales targets and do not accept any retrocessions for the promotion of such products. This guarantees that we can find the solutions best suited to your needs and integrate them into your portfolio.

We believe that asset classes display a mean reversion effect in the short to medium term. This means that performance returns to the mean after a temporary deviation from it. For this reason, we do not adhere to any specific investment style, but prefer to weight investments on the basis of valuation differences.