Our investment philosophy

The investment philosophy of Rahn+Bodmer Co. is based on core business values such as trust, stability and reliability. These values are reflected in our investment principles and constitute the basis for long-term successful investment. Our aim is to grow or at least maintain your assets in line with your preferences. Due diligence and responsible action are at the heart of everything we do.

Success isn’t
a matter of luck.
We rely on
experience and realistic

We are convinced that, over the long-term, economic growth provides the basis for performance on the financial markets. This is another reason why our investment philosophy is focused on the long-term. History has taught us that success is built on consistent, unassuming hard work.

Our primary focus when selecting securities is long-term, sustainable success. Acting on the basis of classic fundamental analysis, we only recommend investments that meet our own requirements. We place particular value on investing in high-quality securities so that clients can be certain that these are solid, even in a bear market. Analysing and selecting high-value securities for a portfolio is particularly important to us. Despite our long-term, prudent approach, we act proactively for our clients, responding quickly to market developments.

We only buy
that we can

Based on our core convictions, we focus on direct investments in liquid securities so we are always in a position to react swiftly whenever required. As the oldest private bank in Switzerland, we have considerable experience in dealing with Swiss assets. Easy access to information and the high proportion of soundly managed quality Swiss companies – including a very large number with a global presence and some “hidden champions” – make this market an interesting one. As such, we offer our clients understandable, transparent, clearly structured portfolios with a very broad range of Swiss stocks, an approach that has proven its worth over a number of years, in terms of both performance and resilience within a crisis.