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You want to protect and grow your assets? As Zurich’s oldest private bank, we help you do that. For over 260 years, our business has been focused on performance in the long run for

our clients. We provide independent advice with no conflicts of interest.

Our client advisors

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The client advisors at Rahn+Bodmer Co. are experts with extensive experience in providing investment advisory services and wealth management. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

Feel free to call or send us an e-mail.

Our advisory process

Beratungsprozess Bedarfsanalyse Analyse der finanziellen Situation Definition der Anlagestrategie und Umsetzung Dokumentation und Reporting

Our services

We offer four different mandates with various levels of support. You choose the mandate that suits you best in terms of how much input you would like from us and the amount of time you wish to spend managing your assets. Our client advisors will help you select the mandate that is right for you based on your financial situation, your goals and your risk tolerance.

Asset management mandate – We manage your assets holistically

Portfolio advisory mandate – We are at your side, ready to provide advice

Investment advisory mandate – You can count on our support

Execution only mandate – You decide, we execute

If you would like a detailed overview of the services included in each mandate, please call us or send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.

Telephone: +41 44 639 11 11

Pension advice and financial planning

Plan your retirement in advance

By preparing for your life after retirement early on, you will be able to maintain your usual standard of living without financial worries. Rising life expectancy makes planning all the more important. In the next few years, you will make decisions that will have a major impact on your financial situation. Some of those decisions will be irreversible. You should also investigate succession planning options. We can establish individual arrangements that reflect your personal wishes. It is only by actively using the options available that you can benefit from them. As Zurich’s oldest private bank, Rahn+Bodmer Co. will be happy to help you make these important financial decisions today.

Early identification of pension shortfalls

Experts at Rahn+Bodmer Co. will highlight any potential pension shortfalls and will work with you to design practical solutions to correct those shortfalls wherever possible. They will also assess whether early retirement or part-time work would be financially viable in the long term. Our professional experts will undertake a comprehensive review of your income, expenditure, projected asset growth and pension entitlements. Our experts will produce personalised documentation showing the potential consequences of various different scenarios. You will receive a personalised action plan to complement your financial plan.

Wealth succession

Lay down clear guidelines ahead of time

We do not just want to preserve your assets: we also want to ensure that they are passed on in accordance with your wishes. You and your family are the determining factor here. It is never too early to plan the future of your wealth. Current legislation allows you some leeway to express your personal wishes in property and inheritance arrangements. Inaction often has unintended results and far-reaching consequences. If you plan ahead for wealth succession you might also be able to avoid unnecessary taxation. Our inheritance advisors work with you to define a long-term succession plan. The experts will review the matrimonial property and inheritance law implications and produce all the necessary documents in accordance with formal and legal requirements. The best succession planning is based on a long-term financial strategy.

Tax advisory

Tax planning should be targeted and focused on the long term

The Swiss tax systems are complex and vary considerably. All investment advice, asset management, retirement advice, financial planning and wealth succession planning therefore require an in-depth understanding of tax law. The Rahn+Bodmer Co. tax advisors will identify solutions that are appropriate for your situation and present tailored tax planning options. Our experienced tax advisors will also be happy to take care of your personal tax declaration and produce all the documents required for tax purposes.

Investment advice and wealth management

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