Corporate citizenship

Our close ties with Zurich are underscored by our corporate citizenship activities. This is not a new idea: the founding fathers of Rahn+Bodmer Co. also had a sense of social responsibility and the bank has provided support for Zurich-based institutions for the last few centuries.



Investing in up-and-coming academics at the University of Zurich

As Zurich-based private bankers, Rahn+Bodmer Co. supports Zurich as a research centre. The private bank has provided funding for research in neuroscience and oncology at the University of Zurich spanning several years. Our partner Dr Christian Rahn is actively involved as a member of the Patronage Committee of the Neuroscience Center Zurich.

Interdisciplinary neuroscience

At the University of Zurich’s Neuroscience Center, our private bank has provided several years of funding for a PhD post and resources in the clinical neuroscience department of the University Hospital. The post will further clinical research into treating Parkinson’s disease.

Cancer research

At the University of Zurich Institute of Molecular Cancer Research, we have renewed an assistant professorship for research into the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of cancer. The funding provided will allow a talented up-and-coming academic to carry out research at the University of Zurich.

Support for disadvantaged children and young people

Rahn+Bodmer Co. also supports the international organisation Right To Play, which teaches essential life skills through play to disadvantaged children and young people in around 20 countries. Partner Martin H. Bidermann is a long-standing honorary member of the Foundation Board of Right To Play Switzerland.

Through sport and games, Right To Play is helping one million children to recognise their own potential and achieve their goals. Activities are focused on three key factors in child development: education, health and helping to build peaceful communities.

Specially designed games and sports activities help children to learn valuable basic skills for coping with local challenges, from social skills like respect and a sense of fair play to knowing how to prevent the spread of serious illnesses like HIV/AIDS or malaria, to improving education and learning how to live in peace together.

Investment advice and wealth management

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