A long-term, trusting relationship with our clients is essential to us. This approach enables us to understand your circumstances and to identify your current and future needs in good time. With holistic planning, we ensure that your personal requirements, goals and values are optimally taken into account.

Needs analysis
In the needs analysis, we help you define and prioritise your financial wishes and goals, with a focus on your desire to safeguard and grow your assets. Important matters such as pension arrangements, asset succession and tax planning are addressed and taken into account as required. Based on your personal situation, we determine the scope of the advice you would like to receive. We also establish the financial goals you aim to attain and the time frame for doing so.


Analysis of the financial situation
In the ensuing analysis of your financial situation, we compare your existing assets and liabilities. Regular income and expenses are also taken into account. The aim is to obtain a complete picture of your financial situation so as to define the desired investment amount and horizon.
To determine your individual risk profile, we work with you to establish your risk tolerance and risk capacity. Your risk tolerance is based on your personal attitude towards return and risk. The higher your return expectations, the more risk you must be willing to take. Your risk capacity depends on the financial risks you can bear based on your lifestyle, income and asset situation.


Definition and implementation of the investment strategy
In this phase, the primary goal is to develop a suitable investment strategy for you. This is done taking into account all the information gathered from the needs analysis, the analysis of your personal situation and the risk profile drawn up.
How the investment strategy is implemented in practice depends on how much you yourself want to be involved in investment decisions. If you assign this task to us, we will select the appropriate financial instruments for you from the overall range of investment categories. We will take great care to ensure that the structure of the portfolio reflects the investment strategy chosen with you. Whether you entrust us with its implementation or manage your own investments yourself, you can rely on our first-class expertise and execution. And because Rahn+Bodmer Co. does not offer its own investment products, you benefit from our independent advice when purchasing products.


Documentation and reporting
After implementation of the developed strategy, we regularly monitor your portfolio. You determine the frequency and content of reporting.
To ensure that the latest investment strategy always meets your current needs, it is advisable to repeat the advisory process described here if necessary. On the one hand, changes in the value of the portfolio may lead to a shift away from the defined strategy. On the other hand, personal decisions such as early retirement, succession planning, housing situation (property) or inheritance issues may lead to a reassessment of financial needs and goals. We would be happy to show you the possibilities of effective tax planning. You can reduce your tax burden through various investment and pension instruments. And with the money you save, you can accelerate your wealth accumulation.

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